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  Partes para carros y locomotoras

Adapter Plus
Our Adapter Plus steering pad system reduces rolling resistance, and reduces wear to the side frame pedestal roof, thrust lug, bearing adapter crown, wheels and rail. And, Amsted Rail's latest green Adapter Plus meets the challenge of balancing rolling resistance and high speed stability in the harshest dynamic operating conditions.
Couplers and Connectors

We manufacture a complete line of AAR-approved couplers and connectors to meet any application in the railroad industry today.

Whether your application calls for an E, F, Rotary Coupler, an Articulated Connector, or a Drawbar Arrangement, we can supply your need.

preload plus

Designed to substantially exceed AAR requirements, Preload Plus long-travel constant contact side bearings feature the proven preload retention of steel springs and exceptional wear life for side bearing partsand car body wear plates.

Gen2Plus Bearing

The lowest torque, the lowest rolling resistance, and big fuel savings-that´s the Gen2Plus from Amsted Rail. Equipped with our revolutionary Efficiency Plus seals, the Gen2Plus saves big money on fuel versus older seal technology. As fuel costs rise, your savings rise as well. Gen2Plus also features Amsted Rail´s patented Composite Wear Ring that eliminates the possibility of journal wear due to metal-to-metal contact.

Composite Wear Ring

The patented design Amsted Rail Composite Wear Ring eliminates the possibility of journal wear due to metal-to-metal contact. It uses a high density, environmentally stable polymer insert that, when necessary, can be used with previously grooved journals by contacting journal surfaces in undamaged areas, preventing additional journal surface wear.

ST-212 Seal

The ST-212 seal is the first generationof positive contacting seals without a garter spring. A continued expansion on DDL technology, the ST-212 seal, with its light-contacting sealing featuresand its bi-directional dual-hydro-dynamic fluid retention patterns, reduces operating torque, temperature and seal lip wear-and increases contaminant exclusion.

Draft Gears and Cushion Units

Amsted Rail Draft Gears and Cushioning Units have been providing the shock absorbing connection between the coupler and draft sill for many decades.

From small industrial and underground mining gears to full-sized freight car and locomotive gears, we have a gear that will meet your application. Our Cushion Units can be used in new car contruction or for retrofitting existing cars. whether it´s a friction gear or an elastomeric gear, end-of-car or center-of-car Cushion Unit, new or reconditioned, Amsted Rail is your one-stop source.

Draft Sills

Amsted Rail is the only supplier of complete-one part number-draft systems. This system approach takes end-of-car engineering to levels above the competition. Not only is a structurally superior cast sill supplied (when compared to traditional fabricated designs), but also the draft gear or cushion unit and all of its associated hardware.

Springs Locomotive Draft Gears and Center Plates

Amsted Rail´s spring manufacturing is differentiated by its excellent process control, which assures consistency of dimensional, metallurgical and functional properties in final products. Our engineers have extensive experience in custom designing springs for the most demanding requirements.

Efficiency Plus Grease Seal

The industry´s lowest AAR-approved torque and temperature seal and the only true labyrinth seal. Its primary sealing features are non-contacting, which results in extremely low torque and temperature.

The non-contacting labyrinth is very effective at grease retention and contamination exclusion. The secondary sealing feature consists of an elastomer splash guard that works in conjunction with the labyrinth as additional contaminant protection. This makes the seal an effective choice for use with the latest AAR approved freer flowing lubricants.


Amsted Rail Bearings are running cooler than ever, thanks to our new, polyamide cage that reduces wear and extends bearing life. By replacing the steel cage with a tough, wear-resistant polymer, we´re producing a lighter, cooler bearing that delivers improved lubrication and higher performance.







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